Ch Sealaville He's the Duke Sealaville Cream Cracker Brampton Mr Douglas
Sealaville The Temptress
Berrybrook Be Graceful at Sealaville Berrybrook Boot Boy
Berrybrook Born Lucky
Sealaville She's the One Brampton Mr Douglas
Top sire 1999,2000,2001
Brampton Yossas Lad
Hoptop Holly
Sealaville The Temptress Ch Mr Wee Cracker at Brampton
Sealaville Kinky Boots

We would like to thank Chris Carberry (Berrybrook)- The British Bulldog Club Championship Show & Sonia Davis (Rowendale) - Yorkshire Bulldog Club Championship Show & Terri Brunton - Birmingham Natiomal Championship Show - for awarding Buffy her 3 CC's.
We would also like to thank Judith Daws (Outdoors)- The London Bulldog Club Championship Show, Peter Booth (Hobtop) - Nortumberland & Durham Bulldog Club Championship Show, Kevin Davis (Mystyle) - Richmond Championship Show, Brian Daws (Outdoors)- Manchester Championship Show, Susan Jay (Edstrong)- The Northern Bulldog Club Championship Show and Norman Davis (Ocobo) for awarding Buffy with her 6 RCC's

Our girl got Reserve Best Bitch in Bulldog of the year 2008 what an achievement, we would like to thank Peter Booth, Chris Bruton and Bob Hadock for selecting our Buffy to win this fabulous award Rbb


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