Ch Icelgint I'm Harry Lynmans Stagestruck Lynmans Sandow
Lynmans Scarlet O Hara
Biddle I´m Roxanne Iceglint Iceglint I´m Spike
Biddle Closer to the Truth
Sealaville She's Toyah Fernando El Nino Sealaville Snowman Pringham
Dollys Dazzling Daydreamer of Salutis
iSealaville She's Paris Ch Sealaville He's the Duke
Sealaville She's Candice


Tyler has 33Cc's to date.

Ch Sealaville he's Tyler won Contest of champions 2015
At Richmond Ch Show under Judge  Marie Harding cc & BOB , utility group 1 Sheila Jakeman , & RBIS. MEg Purnell Carpenter
1 week Later at Darlington Championship show , Tyler was awarded Dog CC & BOB under Peter Davis , Utility group 1 , Frank Wildman & Best In Show under judge Albert White.
Then 1 week later at Belfast Ch Show , Tyler was awarded Dog CC under judge Mrs M Grant. Cook , utility group 1 under judge Dave Killilea, and Best in show under Judge Mrs A Macdonald Driffield Ch show Cc& BOB under judge Mrs M Reed Peck, & Utility group 1 under Judge Paul Harding The Junior Bulldog Club the Dog CC & Best in show. Nader Judge Kevin Davis & awarded BIS from Mr Norman Davis Rochdale bulldog club. CC & BIS under judge. mr Kenneth Lunt


 London Bulldog club CC & BOB under judge Mrs Gwen Biddle Edwards Manchester ch show. CC & BOB under judge Margaret Wildman , Utility Group 1 mr W McKay & Best in show Mrs C Molinari Bulldog club Of Wales. Dog CC & BIS under judge Paul Harding BUlldog Incorperated , dog CC. & Best in show under Judge Arthur Rowe Northern Bulldog club CC & BIS judge Graham Williams NOrthumberland/ durham BC , CC & BIS judge Sheilah Roberts WELKS. Cc & BOB. Judge Jeff Lane , utility group 1 Mr P A Young Blackpool ch show. CC & BOB Judge M r AR Deodjins , utility group 4 Windsor ch show CC & BOB. Judge Margaret Goodwin, utility group 1 judge Miss E Haapaniemi. , Reserve Best in show judge Mr B Reynolds - Frost LEeds Ch show CC & BOB. Mrs L Cartlidge , utility group 1 judge Mrs Patsie Hollings , & Best in Show under Judge Ken Sinclaire


BIS at Bulldog incorporated under judge Billy Goodwin

BOB at Crufts 2015 under judge Bill Roberts and group 3 at Crufts 2015 under Judge Zena  Thorn Andrews

BOB & CAC at  Milan Speciality show judge Bas Bosch

Then at the Contest of Champions  with three judges two over seas and one UK Judge Liz Cartlidge
Ch Sealaville he's Tyler  won the contest of champions winning 64 top dogs  all breed
Coming out number one

ch Sealaville he's Tyler was  top Bulldog 2014 and so far in 2015

First time in the ring 1st MPD and RCC and best Puppy in breed at Bath ch show under judge. Mrs Reed Peck



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